Seal Coat

Seal Coating

Emulsion Seal Coat is a water based material. It is made up of asphalt oil, water, fine aggregates, and rejuvenators. The material is made to leave the oils and aggregates in place after the water evaporates from the material. This allows asphalt oil to be applied without being heated.

Emulsion Seal Coat can be applied to new surfaces as well as older asphalt. It is better suited for asphalt that are aged and in need of water protection. Emulsion Seal Coat waterproofs the surface, applies a new wear surface to the asphalt, and fills in small voids left from raveling.

Emulsion Seal Coat also protects the surface from UV rays. It has an average useful life of 3-5 years.  It is a surface coat. While it does not penetrate the surface, it seals the surface and gives a new surface for vehicles to wear. Over time, the seal coat will begin to polish off the top of the rocks. It is then time to reapply the material.

Emulsion Seal Coat is applied in two coats. The surface is cleaned of all dirt, dust, rocks, and debris. A primer coat of Gilsonite is then applied. The first coat of seal coat is then applied by hand squeegee. After that coat dries, a second coat is applied in the same manner. This gives a thicker buildup of the material.