Modified Seal

Modified Sealer

A recent addition to the asphalt industry has been a new type of surface sealer that has the most modern and up to date technologies incorporated. It is a sealer that has been engineered for parking surfaces and roadways. It is rated as a highly durable product and offers another maintenance tool to be used in conjunction with forward-thinking maintenance program.

Modified sealers are emulsion based, which is a petroleum product emulsified with water so that the material can be applied at an ambient temperature. The water evaporates from the product, leaving the oils and aggregates in place. The material has fine aggregates, as well as polymers and binders to help the product withstand the harsh elements that can destroy asphalt.

The asphalt surface is prepared by cleaning all dirt, dust, and debris before application. The sealer is applied by spray wand or truck. Care is taken to apply the appropriate amount for the needs of the pavement. In most instances, two coats of material are applied to ensure proper thickness of the material. The area is closed for the duration of the application and curing. This allows the product to cure properly while protecting the public from construction areas.

The life cycle of modified sealers should be 4-6 years, depending on the traffic and environmental conditions. These sealers remain black for the life of the product and ensure protection from UV damage, water intrusion, and premature asphalt deterioration, while providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance.